Slovenia international Model United Nations 2016

SiMUN is a great opportunity to experience decision-making and working processes of this unique global organization. The simulation will enable the participants to obtain a multilateral view on world affairs, enhance their conflict resolution capabilities and develop their communication skills through role-play. Education is the most important aim of SiMUN, but one simply cannot forget that people learn the most through informal education, team-building and workshops. We will do our best to present the Slovenian culture and tradition, from interesting history to indulging culinary and last but not least, the unique hospitality of Slovene people. In 2016, the delegates taking part at the SiMUN conference can choose one state and apply to represent it in one of the following committees: - Security Council (United Nations) - Foreign Affairs Council (EU) - Ministerial Council (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) This time, the discussions in all of the Councils will be focused around one main theme: ''An Imperfect peace: The story of the European Jerusalem''. Furthermore, since 2013 a team of journalists became an essential part of SiMUN. They spend their time at the conference writing for SiMUN TIMES – a printed edition of SiMUN daily news. This year you can apply for editing the paper or writing for one of the committees. SiMUN 2016 will thus need one editor, 3 journalists and one photo reporter to cover all events taking place in the week of 19th to 23rd of September. Application dates for SiMUN 2016 are: - from 21.3.2016 = Chairs - 19. – 31.5.2016 (Early bird!) & 6. – 30.6.2016= Delegates and the Press team More information:


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  • Security Council (UN)

    Security Council (UN)

  • Foreign Affairs Council (EU)

    Foreign Affairs Council (EU)

  • Ministerial Council (OSCE)

    Ministerial Council (OSCE)