KrakMUN 2017

  • location_city Krakow, Poland
  • event Apr 28 - Apr 30, 2017
  • group 163 Delegates

Krakow Model United Nations 2017

Krakow Model United Nations is an academic level conference in the picturesque city of Krakow. 2017 will be the third edition of the conference. The conference is organised by students from the Krakow School of Economics, and is open to delegates of all levels.

Delegate Fee: 35 Euro Application Deadline: 31 March, 2017

This fee covers participation costs in both the conference (April 28-30) and the pre-programme (April 27), Three Lunches at the UEK canteen (April 28-30), and one social event (April 28). There is a 10% discount on Delegate Fees for Delegation Applications (3-6 delegates).


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  • International Court of Justice (ICC)

    International Court of Justice (ICC)

    The Prosecutor versus Joseph Kony

  • Group of Twenty (G20)

    Group of Twenty (G20)

    Increasing growth and competitiveness through digitalisation Food Security & Agricultural Sustainability

  • League of Nations Council (LoN)

    League of Nations Council (LoN)

    Resolving the Poland-Lithuanian War (October 1920) Responding to the Great Fire of Smyrna (September 1922)

  • Climate Change Committee (UNFCCC)

    Climate Change Committee (UNFCCC)

    Water and UNFCCC: Water conservation and pollution mitigation Future of the Paris Agreement amidst withdrawal of parties

  • Security Council (UNSC)

    Security Council (UNSC)

    The Situation in Aleppo Syria in the Aftermath of its Liberation

  • Refugees Committee (UNHCR)

    Refugees Committee (UNHCR)

    Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Protection of LGBT Rights through the UNHCR Mandate