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Upgrade your MUN with Social Conference Management

Make the leap from error-prone spreadsheets to an interactive, cloud-based platform: Manage applications, assignments, payments, documents, feedback, awards & committees in the cloud.

Tanith Lee

"I have been using My MUN for two years now and cannot speak highly enough of it. As soon as I decided to organize the Amsterdam Model United Nations Conference I knew that I would use MyMUN. The platform is delegate and organizer friendly, it offers everything you need in one place, and the team behind it is always quick to help. One thing is certain: I will never go back to the dark days of Google forms after experiencing the MyMUN life."

Tanith Lee, Secretary-General of Amsterdam Model United Nations

"Why MyMUN? Because it's a hell of a lot better than any alternative."

Sam Povey, Founder of Decorum Delegates

Sam Povey

Brian Mwarania

"An innovative management platform for MUN conferences. Our administrative team has worked closely with the MyMUN team to over the past year to make the registration process as seamless as possible."

Brian Mwarania, Secretary-General of Harvard WorldMUN 2015


MyMUN is now free of charge!

From now on, running your entire conference, from registration to feedback, is completely free! With our new payment infrastructure, you can simply forward all payment processing and service charges to your delegates - they pay a small addition to their fee, covering everything for you and ensuring a reliable budgeting on your side. Of course, you can also opt to shoulder the fee yourself, and keep the delegate fee as low as possible. In either case, MyMUN gives you and your delegates full control, transparency about costs, while delivering a comfortable and secure experience.

We collect your fees for you - for free

Powered by Stripe's Connect platform, MyMUN collects your delegate fees, social fees, and more. The full amount you'd like to charge is deposited with you. We cover all payment processing fees, take care of refunds, disputes and chargebacks for you, and help you handle all payments for your conference securely, reliably, and instantly. Everything is included: from securely conducting the payment, to reporting and payouts, to refunds and chargebacks: We've got it all covered.

SecurityMetrics Credit Card Safe

Get paid with all popular payment methods

Through MyMUN, you can now accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as SEPA direct debit, ACH and eCheck payments, SOFORT, iDEAL, giropay and Bancontact from your delegates!

All you need for this is a bank account - no need to set up other accounts or payment providers. MyMUN handles all of this for you.

Start accepting applications and payments tomorrow!

You can go ahead and add your conference right now - we will confirm your conference details within 48 hours (if you have not hosted a conference with MyMUN before) so you can start accepting registrations and payments as soon as possible!

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  • Frequently Asked Questions about the new payment system

    Q: Is MyMUN now completely free of charge?

    A: Yes, for you, the conference organizers, MyMUN's conference management system will be completely free of charge - we are getting rid of the 3€ -per delegate fee completely. Instead, we charge delegates and participants a small "payment processing" fee at checkout, that covers the transaction cost and is rounded up to include a MyMUN fee that is much lower than 3€ per delegate. When the money arrives at your conferences bank account, all charges and fees are already taken care of; you always receive 100% of what you want to charge, for a budget that is completely reliable and predictable. Overall, MyMUN will become easier and cheaper for everyone.

    Q: What are the main new features?

    A: New hassle-free online payment methods, easy refunds and better cash flow. The new payments method your conference can accept include any credit and debit card (including 3D-Secure payments and Amex Express Checkout) and Apple Pay worldwide, SEPA direct debit, Giropay, iDEAL, SOFORT, and Bancontact in Europe, ACH/eCheck in the US, as well as Alipay and WeChat Pay in China. All you need to accept these payment methods is a bank account! All the compliance, implementation and paperwork is handled by MyMUN. Each payment will be instantly confirmed for the conference and delegate, leading to fast, reliable and secure cash flow. You will also be able to reverse any transaction, and thereby refund anyone at any time, without additional fees!

    Q: When will this be available?

    A: On August 1st, 2017.

    Q: Where will this be available?

    A: Almost everywhere. Delegates (Payers) will be able to pay worldwide with any credit or debit card. Conferences can receive payments in their local currency in the following countries, as well as in USD, EUR or GBP in any country in the world: United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, and Portugal. We're also working fast to expand to other countries and their native currencies!

    Q: We are already accepting registrations and payments - can we switch to the new system?

    A: Yes! You can switch on or after August 1st. To do that, just let us know you would like to switch, and which bank account you would like delegate payments to be forwarded to. There is nothing else to do from your side.

    Q: We are already accepting registrations and payments - can we stay with the old system, too?

    A: Yes, you can! In this case, you don't need to do anything, and we will simply invoice you after your conference. For your next conference, you can use the new system from day one - the current system will be completely discontinued as soon as the last conference using it closes registrations.

    Q: If we switch, will we have to pay the 3€ per delegate license fee?

    A: No! You won't have to pay any more fees if you decide to make the switch during your current applications phase. The setup invoice however, is not refundable.

    Q: Won't we lose delegates who don't want to pay a little extra for secure, instant, online payment processing?

    A: No. If anything, offering more and faster payment methods will increase your sign up numbers and conversion rate! Many conferences have already been using our "payment method fee" feature, charging their delegates an additional percentage at checkout when they pay by PayPal or Stripe. We have thoroughly analyzed user behaviour and can confidently say this does not affect the probability a delegate will apply and pay for a conference at all. Likewise, we have drawn this conclusion from analyzing hundreds of MUN cashflows on MyMUN. Delegate fee pricing, especially "early bird" and "group ticket rebates" have no influence on the number of registrations a conference gets. Our data shows that a slightly cheaper (or more expensive) fee does not encourage or discourage delegates from applying and paying in a noticeable way. Neither do conferences receive more applications during "early bird" fee periods (it's rather the opposite!), nor did the now obsolete PayPal and Stripe fees that many conferences charged (oftentimes up to four percent) discourage delegates from paying. Simply put, as soon as a delegate reaches the checkout page to pay for a conference, they have already made the decision in favor of paying and attending your conference. This is because most conferences have a predictable cost frame for delegates, of which the actual fee, compared to travel and accommodation cost, is only a tiny fraction. Therefore, the new payment process on MyMUN will be all about speed and conversion: We want to enable your delegates to apply and pay in less than a minute, and in less than three clicks, for most conferences. That’s only possible by offering a huge array of payment methods.

    Q: Can we still accept payments "manually" outside of MyMUN?

    A: Yes, MyMUN still supports manually marking delegates and delegations as "paid" to reflect cheque payments, wire transfers or "pay at the door". This will reflect on your cashflow, "has paid" filters, and their accounts (they will also receive confirmation emails just like before). Keep in mind that these payments cannot be automatically or instantly confirmed like online payments, that refunding them is not possible automatically, and that you will still be charged unpredictable and sometimes very high fees by the banks involved in such wire transfers. MyMUN's new payment methods will be available to any private person or institution, and you should find there are no good reasons to rely on manual and analog payments beside it.

    Q: Can we still accept payments through PayPal?

    A: Yes, for now, but we do discourage it. PayPal makes it impossible for us to shoulder your fees: With PayPal, you will always end up with a fee-reduced payment on your account. PayPal is also about to discontinue a range of their services that makes our "marketplace" approach possible. If and when PayPal discontinues these services, we will likewise discontinue support for PayPal on MyMUN. While PayPal is reticent about releasing a timeline, they did mention the end of this year as the timeline for this.

    Q: I have more questions or concerns, can I get in touch with you?

    A: Yes! Simply get in touch with us.


Core Features

payment Instant, secure, online payments

MyMUN can now accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as SEPA direct debit, ACH and eCheck payments, SOFORT, iDEAL, giropay and Bancontact from your delegates! All you need is a bank account to which we forward the payments.

email Automated confirmations and reminders

Save Hundreds of Workhours for sending confirmation and reminder Emails to your delegates.

library_books Study guides and document sharing

Easily and Quickly Distribute Your Documents and Study Guides.

class Position paper sharing and review

Make sure all delegates in your conference are well prepared and up to speed - MyMUN lets them submit their own Position Paper, and access and download those of their co-delegates. Your Chairs can review and reject inappropriate or incomplete Position Papers.

people A Social Network for Your MUN

Get everyone Introduced before your Conference starts. On MyMUN, co-delegates and delegations get to know each other as soon as they receive their assignments. When they arrive at your conference, noone will be a stranger to them!

assessment Detailed Statistics and Insights

To follow applications and payments live, just stay on your Dashboard - it's updated every second for your viewing pleasure! You can also dive deep into your conference metrics with custom statistics.


What our Customers say about us

Nidhi Singh

"This innovative portal made management of our conference extremely smooth. We thank the MyMUN Team for their prompt services and look forward to working with them again!"

Nidhi Singh, Secretary-General, NTUMUN 2015, Singapore

"MUN-preparation phase without MyMUN? Impossible!
I had the pleasure to be one of the first users working with this amazing, interactive and user-driven MUN database! Having used MyMUN for EuroMUN 2014 for the first time, it made my life as undersecretary-general for registrations so much easier, being able to handle the payments, visa letters, allocation, etc. of more than 600 delegates with just a few mouse clicks... Great job!"

Nadine Häberle, Under-Secretary General for Registrations, EuroMUN 2014, Maastricht

Nadine Haberle

Thank you for your hard work on MyMUN.
It is a tremendous system that worked wonders for our conference.

Dinith Adikari, Secretary General

NCMUN 2014, Canberra

System is perfect!

Barlomiej Rey, Under-Secretary General for Registrations

WawMUN 2014, Warsaw

MyMUN is the most productive, efficient and practical registration page we have come across.

MUNIT 2014, Tours

A brilliant tool! MyMUN completely changed our ability to organize registrations.

URUMUN 2014, Utrecht